Back to it! Reflective Blog Entry #5

Now that I am back in Australia after donning the green-and-gold in Battle of the Nations I can commit more time to study instead of training how to hit someone in the face with a poleaxe really well.

I suppose I should catch up on the workshops that I have missed out on, and the guidelines to the reflective blog, however here’s another unguided/unsolicited one that still fits the purpose of the blog.

I learnt a lot while over in Europe, both in the world championships and getting some sneaky exploration to make the most of my short time there.

It was curiously humbling experience, though not at all defaming or defeating, to both visit Europe and represent our country, Australia. The paired comparison is rather drastic and broad, though serves it shares similar concepts.

Such that we’re involved in such large systems, our short life is merely a fleck of something, here and gone as quick as lightning. Marveling at the grand Gothic architecture of Barcelona and Prague, largely conjured this curious feeling. As short as a life may be, the work of some people is timeless, their grand architecture or art a testament as such. The work that was performed by their hands or their tools remains to be appreciated today, though its origins are many centuries ago.

In Europe, a person is simply just an observer, a passer-by in a machine that is infallible. The culture, the history, the abundance of reference that exists on every corner of the lives before ours right now.

Where does that leave us? As an individual in modern society, where things are torn down as quick as they are built. It seems our only history that can be referenced are our humiliating moments online, or how outdated the latest fad has become.

What will our legacy be? I have walked the cobble worn smooth by centuries of shoes before mine, beyond buildings that have stood just after the start of time. After our generation passes, what will we be known for? Especially in light of those before us, it seems that we are nothing.



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