What stops you being creative?

Creativity is piqued in everyday life, though many of these creative impulses or creative forces, would be shut down by our adult mind or maybe our subconscious. This naturally occurs with all the other factors in our life weighing in on that tiny glimmer of creativity, the spark. The factors usually include things on the forefront of our mind blocking out the creative forces, such as bills to pay, assignments due or jobs around the house.

What stops me from being creative is usually the onset of adversity – a creative idea is animated by some form of stimuli and then killed by other factors that would go against the creativity. Usually finance, well always finance. Then time, busy lives leave not much time to be overly creative.

I often feel most creative at the start of semester, when being exposed to all these new concepts within units, it presents a subset possibilities and creative avenues. As the semester ramps up, free time becomes scarce, which compounds potential financial pressures that may inhibit the outlet or development of creativity.

It’s hard to reduce these factors from negatively influencing creativity, as they part of everyday life, reducing their influence on creativity requires a significant, disruptive change. When deciding to do so, to make the change, one needs to weigh up the options of risking something for an opportunity to nurture something else.

I have found that this risk or pre-existing commitment has outweighed the hope or promise that a creative avenue may present.



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