How many web-bots could web bot this if a web-bot could web bots? What?

Hello (fellow?) web-bot.. or spider or crawler or dodgy SEO guy or whatever you are, may as well address you since the vast majority of this blog’s hits are going to be from you! Aside from that, hello tutor/lecturer/marker! This is my very first entry into the scary, introspective, reflective blog entry for BRD209 Creativity and Innovation.

Given it’s the second day of semester, I have no idea exactly what to write that qualifies as reflective relevant to Creativity and Innovation just yet. Maybe it’ll come to me, maybe not.

I must admit I find it a bit unnatural and a bit invasive (self invasive if that makes sense) to embrace the outright concept of introspection. I fully value and understand how beneficial it can be and see where the unit material-makers are coming from when encouraging introspection, however it’s a bit strange to really try and examine my own thought processes and emotions (lol), then write about them. Or maybe I’ve just misunderstood what is being asked of me, either way I’m sure I’ll figure it out next week.

Maybe identifying the strangeness and alien-like feeling of being expected to be purposely introspective is introspection enough for my first entry to the reflective journal.

Why can’t we just write in Java or C? It’s so much easier, logical and less emotive. Gets the job done! (this mini-graph is semi-serious, not really)

Upon re-reading the instructions I found that the purpose of the reflective blog is to provide insight into how I respond to unit material and life events.

Well, since I know now, I’m very excited to do this unit. It seems like a refreshing take on things, deviating a bit from the rigid do X get Y or fail style of units. Don’t get me wrong, I like straight forward things, though it is good to have some freedom sometimes. It’ll be good to see more content posted and lecture content conveyed. I’m very much used to the rigidity of computer science units so far, so I’ve already identified a bit of a thought pattern change upon realising this unit isn’t so strict.

First steps to introspection, complete! Time to melt in 30kgs of armour while hitting things  with a poleaxe when it’s far too hot!

Bask in the beauty of some ancient salty beach rocks in Bunbury, a photo I took earlier this year!


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